Texas State Trooper Exposes Deceitful Dennis Bonnen as a Liar

The gun rights drama in the Lone Star State has not ended yet.

BLP reported on House Speaker Dennis Bonnen killing Constitutional Carry legislation nearly two weeks ago on the grounds that a gun rights activist, Chris McNutt of Texas Gun Rights, allegedly went to go to his district to intimidate him into voting for Constitutional Carry.

However, BLP uncovered how many grassroots conservative activists had a hard time believing Bonnen’s story after an outburst Bonnen at a Texas GOP dinner.

Now, new evidence has surfaced going against Bonnen’s narrative.

While McNutt was doing his peaceful block walking campaign in Bonnen’s district, as he did in the neighborhoods of Representatives Four Price and Dustin Burrows, DPS was called in for security reasons.

One of the DPS officers confirmed McNutt’s side of the story, which Lone Star Gun Rights posted about on Twitter.

CJ Grisham, the founder of Open Carry Texas, was able to successfully make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that revealed the DPS officer’s side of the story.

The DPS officer in this case claimed to be stationed in front of Bonnen’s house of residence.

He “observed a Black Chevrolet Impala (rental) bearing TX LP#KFN3744 drive past Bonnen’s residence, and park at the cul-de-sac”.

The driver was Chris McNutt, and he approached CPL Gonzales and the DPS officer in question wanting to drop off a flyer at the Bonnen residence.

McNutt identified himself as the Executive Director of TXGR and handed the DPS officer a campaign flyer to drop off at Bonnen’s house.  The officer obliged McNutt and also accepted a TXGR business card from McNutt.

Additionally, the officer confirmed that “McNutt did not make any threatening statements towards Representative Bonnen’s people or myself. I did not observe McNutt wearing any type of firearm at that time.”

Shortly after this peaceful exchange, McNutt drove off.

This ran counter to Bonnen’s account, who claimed that McNutt was armed and threatening representatives to pass Constitutional Carry.

The media ran with this narrative and as a result, was able to get Representative Jonathan Stickland to withdraw his Constitutional Carry bill.

This confirms the suspicion that Lone Star Gun Rights activist Derek Wills had about Bonnen’s ulterior motive of  “using the act of placing flyers on people’s doors as an excuse to kill it [Constitutional Carry].”

Earlier this week, Stickland made a final attempt to add a Constitutional Carry amendment to another gun-related bill, but it was also shot down by Bonnen instead.

Texas now finds itself in an interesting crossroads.

America is polarized on the gun issue. While blue states have passed significant gun control since the 2018 Parkland shooting, certain states like Oklahoma and Kentucky have embraced Constitutional Carry. However, Texas continues to lag behind on the issue.

The 2019 session of the Texas State Legislature appears to be another disappointing year for gun rights activist in the state.

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