The Brits Opposed to Brexit Are Cosmopolitan Elites

A YouGov poll shows that every region of England and Wales with the exception of London wants Brexit to go through.

On top of that, voters want to leave the European Union even if Theresa May’s government cannot reach a deal by April 12 .

46 percent favor a No Deal Brexit in the Midlands and Wales. On the other hand, 31 percent want to stay in the EU.

In Southern England, 44 percent support a No Deal Brexit  and 34 percent support staying in the EU. Voters in Northern England are for No Deal and 34 want to remain.

That being said, YouGov found very different results in London, where 26 percent of voters support Brexit and 48 percent want to remain in the EU.

The YouGov poll asked a simple question: “If Britain has not agreed a deal by April 12, what do you think should happen?”

Scotland had similar results to London, with 28 percent of voters in support of No Deal.

With the British government failing to reach a deal, an air of uncertainty has emerged in the UK.

Although April 12, 2019 is the date for the Brexit deadline with the EU, several members of the British parliament have been trying to extend this deadline to strike a deal with the EU and conduct a Brexit on more favorable terms.

However, Politico reports that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated that there would be no short extension for Brexit once the April 12 deadline arrives.

Junker reiterated, “If the House of Commons does not adopt a stance by that date, no extension, no short-term extension will be possible. After April 12, we run the risk to jeopardize the correct running of the European elections and function of the European Union.”

As the Brexit deadline quickly approaches, all eyes are on Britain.

Brexit was the the major catalyst behind Europe’s recent populist shift that witnessed governments from Italy to Poland embrace tougher stances against the EU’s migratory policies.

The social effects of mass migration have hit the UK hard, especially London with its migrant ghettoes and a rising degree of violent crime. A potential derailment of Brexit could prove to be a risky endeavor and possibly lay the groundwork for the rise of Britain’s Yellow Vest protests.


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