The NRA is in Chaos

Things haven’t looked so great in National Rifle Association land lately.

Media Matters has taken joy in covering the NRA’s recent troubles.

It highlighted how Armed American Radio described the NRA’s financial troubles as a “self-inflicted wound” and joined other pro-gun media outlets demanding the resignation of Wayne LaPierre, the organization’s Executive Vice President and CEO.

BLP reported on LaPierre’s lavish spending sprees and the eventual closing of NRATV.

2019 has not been a good year for the gun organization.

Oliver North was ousted as NRA President earlier this year, while the organization decided to break ties with its long-time advertising partner Ackerman McQueen. The State of New York has even tried to investigate the NRA for supposed financial malfeasances.

In light of this fallout, several NRA members have demanded that the organization undertake a significant overhaul of its policies and leadership.

During an episode of Armed America Radio host Mark Walters and pro-gun commentator David Codrea discussed the NRA’s current quagmire. Codrea recently shook things up by saying that the NRA should fire LaPierre and added that the “dumpster fire” at the NRA may never be put out.

It remains to be seen what the NRA’s ultimate fate will be.

For no compromise gun organizations, the NRA is simply too moderate.

The American Firearms Coalition made noise at the NRA’s national convention in Indianapolis when they decided to call them out for their support of red flag gun laws.

BLP recently did an exclusive interview with AFC’s Executive Director Aaron Dorr.

Dorr criticized the “NRA fully supporting ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation” and routinely compromising on gun rights.

With an increasingly radicalized Left, the gun community needs a firm defense against these relentless enemies of freedom. The NRA may have been useful in the initial fight to legalize licensed concealed carry in the 1980s and 1990s, but it has now worn out its welcome.

The Second Amendment needs a new generation of leadership that is not bogged down by outdated tactics, internal corruption, and a refusal to fight for the full restoration of gun rights in America.



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