Tim Pool Locked Out Of Twitter Account For Saying ‘Groomer’

Free speech evidently does not exist on the world wide web! As Big League Politics previously reported, social media giant Twitter recently drew attention after the company began moving to ban people who use the word “groomer” on the platform. The purge possibly began after anti-critical race theory pundit James Lindsay was booted from his account after calling Ari Drennen a groomer on July 19th.

Lindsay was not the only political commentator who butted heads with the tech giant. American journalist Tim Pool also joined in the fun Monday after he had his Twitter account suspended as a consequence of using the same insult.

“Twitter just locked me out of my account lol. I don’t care enough about twitter for the tweet to stay up so whatever. F*ck you twitter,” Pool posted on Monday.

“The platform is so worthless I dont feel that any tweet I put up matters at all so idc to keep it up however I do think sh*tposting matters and I will keep sh*tposting,” he said.

Pool additionally slammed the big tech company for making few efforts to ban child pedophiles off their website.

“Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia,” Pool wrote online followed by an abundance of posts with screenshots of the social media giant allegedly allowing pedophiles on the platform.

Included among the headlines shared by Pool were: “Twitter lets pedophiles discuss their ‘sexual attraction to minors,’ scholars argue”, “Twitter is not placing sex offender notices on profiles,” “Twitter is accused of letting pedophiles discuss their sexual attraction to children,” and “Twitter is a breeding ground for the normalization of pedophilia.”

Pool claimed that Twitter responded by canceling his ability to advertise on Monday.

The aftermentioned anti-critical race theory pundit James Lindsay backed Pool up in a thread of online posts.

“I agree with @Timcast. Twitter proactively shelters and enables pedophiles and people who want to recruit children into sexuality-based cults,” Lindsay wrote in defense of Pool.

“The degree of this sheltering raises important questions. It’s unconscionable on its own, but is there an agenda? Are people paid? Leveraging sexual relationships? All of the above?” Lindsay added in the following post.

Pool concluded his war with the platform packing a punch, writing, “from now on i just straight up call them pedophiles.”


Pool has upset actors of the radical left on numerous occasions as a result of both his aforementioned rhetoric and other expressed political views. Such opinions have led to extremists attempting violence upon Pool and his staff alike–activists have routinely ‘swatted’ his show studio at least six separate times.

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