Times of Israel: These Organizations Prop Up Migrant Trafficking Operations in Europe

The international refugee resettlement program, which has been exposed as a glorified migrant trafficking operation operating largely on bribe money, continues its operations despite being embroiled in scandal and its growing unpopularity.

In the central Mediterranean, the Ocean Viking rescue vessel takes migrants from North Africa and spreads them throughout Europe. The Times of Israel recently published an article boasting about how the Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany and other organizations staffed and run by Jews have been influential in funding the ship as it dumps the refuse of the third-world across Europe.

The boat collected 356 migrants, primarily from Sudan, less than two weeks after it first set sail. They were stalled in international waters throughout the month of August as European nations scrambled to put together a plan to take in the migrants.

“It was August and the ship was extremely crowded, sitting in the middle of the water with the sun pounding down — it was unbearably hot,” said David Starke, who works as the general director of SOS Mediterranee in Germany. The SOS Mediterranee is a nonprofit that assists in the trafficking of migrants.

“Conditions were very difficult on board, but for more than 10 days the ship was stuck in a standoff position between Italy and Malta as we waited for someone to grant it a port of safety,” Starke told the Times.

“The ship wasn’t equipped to hold that many people, but we kept responding to distress calls because we could not refuse to help people in danger,” he added.

Portugal, France, Ireland, Germany, Romania and Luxembourg eventually agreed to absorb the migrants, and the voyage ended without humanitarian disaster. Many times, boats containing migrants capsize resulting in many drownings, another ill-effect of the dangerous trafficking operation.

The Jewish-run Central Welfare Board boasts that it helps this operation stay afloat, even as Europe crumbles under the weight of these unwanted intruders.

“We as a Jewish organization feel obliged not to be bystanders in a situation where there’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in front of our eyes, especially when it’s so close to Europe,” Central Welfare Board executive director Aron Schuster said to the Times.

“Everything that we do as a social and welfare organization is on the one hand based on of course humanitarian rights, but also on Jewish values,” Schuster added. “And as the Talmud says — when one saves even a single life, it’s like saving all of humanity.”

As the Europe deals with a plague of Muslim rape gangs targeting young women, left-wing human rights activists such as Schuster and Starke continue to pat themselves on the backs for their contribution to the destruction of Western Civilization.

“Yesterday we rescued 50 people,” Starke said to the The Times. “We will continue doing more rescues in the coming days. I expect that by the end of the week we will have survivors on board and then we hope to enter either Malta or Sicily, and then there are a few countries like Germany, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, who will say ‘We’ll take in these people.’”

The Central Welfare Board was even given an award, the National Integration Prize, from Angela Merkel last year for their part in facilitating the third-world invasion of Germany.

“We are very aware of the fact that anti-Semitism exists; at the same time, practice tells us that anti-Semitism lies in every part of civil society, and furthermore, what is very important for us is that the fear of anti-Semitism does not justify being a bystander to a humanitarian crisis,” Schuster said.

“So, as much as we are obliged to raise awareness on the issue of anti-Semitism, we are still obliged to fulfill our task as a welfare organization,” he added.

Right-wing populism cannot rise in Europe fast enough, with this subversive network of non-profit organizations working constantly to sow seeds of destruction throughout the once proud continent.

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