Traitor Mike Pompeo Says He is Preparing Run for the Presidency Against Donald Trump in 2024

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is telling the liberal media that he is preparing a run for the presidency against his former boss Donald Trump in 2024.

Pompeo made the comments to The Times that he is intending to run for president in 2024 regardless of whether or not Trump decides to run again for president:

Pompeo has been making the rounds in recent weeks trumpeting “America Last” policies supported by establishment Republicans and Democrats in Congress with regards to Ukraine. He believes that America was right to spend tens of billions on a proxy war against Russia and should sink billions more into this conflict that risks World War 3.

“Putin’s illegal, assaultive war represents a planned genocide, which is the deliberate obliteration of a people, as defined in 1948 by the United Nations,” Pompeo said, uttering laughably false nonsense to a conflab of neocons in Washington D.C. “Though each genocide is unique, they are absolute to the individual.”

“This genocide, like the Holodomor engineered by Stalin that murdered millions of Ukrainians, must be named to be fought,” he continued.

Pompeo said that peace is not an option in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the U.S. must continue propping up the corrupt ruling elite in Ukraine no matter how many troops die needlessly and billions are squandered in the process.

“America and the nations of the world cannot continue the pretense that the war in Ukraine can end in a negotiated peace, which mollifies Russia, for such a peace cannot be negotiated with Putin,” Pompeo said. 

“Ukraine must win this war decisively if it is to realize peace, independence, and freedom,” he added.

Big League Politics reported on how Pompeo, a former CIA deep state spook who bragged about lying to the American people, deliberately subverted Trump’s “America First” foreign policy while serving as Secretary of State:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has created the facade that he is one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal proponents, but he was a vicious ‘Never Trumper’ before he became an administration official.

“You know, Donald Trump the other day said that, in quote, if he tells a soldier to commit a war crime, the soldier will just go do it. He said they’ll do as I tell them to do,” said Pompeo, who was stumping for “Little” Marco Rubio in the Kansas GOP presidential caucus when he made the statement in 2016…

In his role as Secretary of State, Pompeo has opened up the pipeline for fellow ‘Never Trumpers’ to obtain prestigious roles within the administration.

Mary Kissel, who Trump once called a “major loser,” was hired by Pompeo as a senior adviser in the State Department despite opposing her boss on every single one of his policies.

Pompeo also hired James Jeffrey as his envoy for the Syrian war despite the fact that he was a ‘Never Trumper’ who signed a pro-Hillary Clinton letter arguing that Trump was “a dangerous president [who] would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being” in 2016.

In Pompeo’s most outrageous betrayal of Trump, he hired Elliott Abrams – the disgraced figure who supported the Iraq War and perjured himself by lying to Congress over the Iran/Contra scandal – as the Venezuelan envoy despite Abrams’ long-stated goal for the GOP establishment to “seize the party machinery back immediately” from Trump’s control.”

Pompeo rivals former Vice President Mike Pence in terms of being a lowlife for stabbing the America First movement in the back. Both men would be crushed by ants if they have the gall to challenge Trump in 2024.

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