Trans People Upset At Snapchat for New Gender-Swap Feature

Some transgender people are not pleased with social media app Snapchat, which has implemented a new feature allowing users to swap genders.

“Some say it reduces their very real and often painful experiences to folly,” according to an ABC report.

ABC spoke with 31-year-old transgender woman Bailey Coffman, who griped about the feature.

“My gender is not a costume,” Coffman reportedly said.

“Snapchat maker Snap Inc. says in a statement that its design team continues work to ensure its filters are diverse and inclusive,” according to the report.

One transgender teenager interviewed by ABC said hopefully “this does help some people better recognize their gender.”

Silicon Valley is notorious for its leftwing politics. Giant tech companies in the same league as Snapchat stand accused of barring conservative thought from their platforms. It has suspended or banned several prominent conservative figures, including Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Alex Jones over the past two weeks.

Apparently, that is not enough for the notoriously-unsatisfied “progressive” crowd, who never seen to stop griping about the supposed injustices they face daily, no matter how hard others try to cater to their every whim.

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