Turning Point Founder Charlie Kirk is Frantically Deleting Old #NeverTrump Tweets

The founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk has been under tremendous pressure from the Dissident Right in the last few weeks.

During his Culture War tour, Kirk has faced tough questions relating to immigration, foreign policy, and social morality.

Initially, he peddled the typical establishment conservative talking point that green cards should be stapled to the diplomas of illegal aliens that graduate from U.S. universities.

However, at a recent Turning Point USA event in the University of Florida, Kirk backtracked from this statement and is now skeptical of providing visas to every university-indoctrinated migrant.

America First advocates can at least get some comfort in knowing that their pressure is now affecting Kirk.

However, in the midst of all this drama, Kirk has been quietly deleting old tweets that showed his initial skepticism of a Trump presidency during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

Kirk is in Trump’s corner right now, but his past history shows that he was clearly rooting for other candidates instead of Trump before his eventual nomination.

Some of the deleted tweets can be found here.

First off, Kirk stated back in a deleted tweet on January 30, 2016 “The fact Iowa could choose someone who openly brags about his affairs and has multiple divorces is astonishing to me.” He was referring to the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses, where many believed that Trump could pull off the unthinkable and win in Iowa at the time. However, Texas Senator Ted Cruz ended up winning the Iowa caucuses.


As the primaries progressed, Kirk even suggested that Cruz take the convention floor in the case that Trump ended up winning the nomination for the Republican Party.

He tweeted, “Reagan took Gerald Ford to the convention floor. Cruz needs to do the same.”

Not too long after that, Kirk tweeted “This is what our party has come to? So gross and disgusting.” Kirk was referring to an exchange that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump had with each other in 2016 that involved both of their wives.

Many observers were offended by the pettiness of these exchanges on Twitter.

It should be noted, however, that this all started when a Super PAC supporting Cruz used a nearly nude photo of Melania Trump to attack Trump.

On top of that, Kirk floated the idea of a Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio ticket to “save America.”

The Turning Point founder tweeted “Anyone else down for a Cruz/Rubio ticket to save America?”

When factoring these tweets and his present support for President Trump, Kirk opportunistically hopped on board the Trump agenda knowing that his organization can capitalize on Trump’s overall energy and base of support to grow Turning Point’s brand.

However, when it comes to the substance of Trump’s policy, like reducing legal migration, Kirk would rather maintain the mass migration status quo that both Democrats and Republicans support.

Many on the America First segment of Trump’s base believe that Kirk and his establishment donors are effectively trying to co-opt and dilute Trump’s overall message.

Instead of trying to take hardline stances, Kirk would rather counter-signal and ignore the very real threat of demographic shift that mass migration presents for America. This means a future of social unrest thanks to migrants who can’t assimilate, monolithic leftist dominance at the polls, and socio-economic disruption.

But there is still home hope.

Thanks to America First’s relentless pressure, figures like Kirk are starting to slowly recognize the power of the immigration issue.

They are slowly conceding that it may not be in their best interest to continue pushing for mass migration.

For the integrity of the historic American nation, let’s hope they see the light.

Until then, America First activists should continue asking established conservative figures tough questions on the immigration issue.



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