Turning Point USA Schemed for Coronavirus Relief, Then Raised Funds Off Rejecting Bailout Money

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) has been revealed for applying for stimulus funds under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which is part of the federal bailout provided for relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk acted like he was a hero for ultimately rejecting the welfare that his organization initially applied for.

“For a split second I considered it,” Kirk wrote in his column released on Wednesday. He said that TPUSA could have received $1.2 million from the PPP.

“But then I remembered the source of this unexpected temptation,” Kirk added. “How could I possibly accept money from big government when I had spent my entire adult life fighting against it?”

However, TPUSA only rejected the money after first applying to receive the bailout funds. TPUSA COO Tyler Bowyer confirmed that this was the case in a public Facebook post.

“We applied as soon as the gates opened before details were confirmed publicly and digestible (as you remember the bill was huge),” Bowyer wrote on Wednesday in a response to the news. However, Bowyer claims that “after researching and seeing the strings attached it is clear this is not the appropriate action.”

What makes this gambit particularly dishonest and slimy is how TPUSA fundraised off rejecting the funds they requested, trying to fleece their donor class of boomers with misleading and inaccurate information.

Best-selling author and “America First” movement leader Michelle Malkin called out Kirk’s hypocrisy in a blistering Twitter post:

Big League Politics has exposed Kirk and TPUSA for their hypocrisy in the past that has hurt the conservative movement:

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk, who bills himself as one of the most outspoken advocates for freedom of speech in the US, reportedly shut out dissent from a debate that he had with leftist Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk at Politicon 2019 last night.

In usual fashion, Kirk paid lip service to the notion of free speech during the debate, bemoaning “speech police” who are “telling people they can’t say certain things” such as “America is the greatest country in the history of the world.”

However, it does not appear that Kirk practices what he preaches. The TPUSA founder allegedly had security personnel ban paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes from attending the event, with several goons blocking Fuentes from entering the venue.

The host of “America First” noted that he was a paying customer of Politcon and had the right to attend the event, but security refused to let him in anyway.

Law enforcement also accosted Fuentes when he went to approach Kirk to have a discussion with him and request a photograph. It seems that Kirk is willing to use the same bullying tactics as the Left when it comes to protecting himself and his organization from unauthorized dissent.

Although Kirk has changed his tune on immigration in recent months, he still has not fully renounced his Conservative Inc. shyster ways.

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