Two Jurors are Removed From Derek Chauvin Case After $27 Million Payout to George Floyd’s Family

Two jurors have been removed from the Derek Chauvin case following a $27 million payout to George Floyd’s family from the city of Minneapolis.

The jurors said that the massive payout biased them and prevented them from being impartial while considering the case. This happened after they were questioned about the settlement by Hennepin County District Court Judge Peter Cahill.

One dismissed juror was a Hispanic man in his 20s who claimed that the cash payout to Floyd’s family affected his ability to be impartial by “a lot.”

“So, last time I was asked about my strong opinions against Chauvin,” he said to Cahill. “Clearly the city of Minneapolis has some strong opinions, as well. And this just kind of confirms my opinions that I already had.”

The other dismissed juror was a white man in his 30s who stated that the “dollar amount was kind of shocking to me. That kind of sent the message that the city of Minneapolis felt that something was wrong and they wanted to make it right to the tune of that dollar amount.”

“I think in the headline if it would have said $2,000 versus $20 million, that’s a big change,” the juror said. “So I think that sticker price obviously shocked me and kind of swayed me a little bit, yes.”

Two other jurors told the judge that the news did not change their opinions or otherwise prejudice them regarding the case.

“I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. I don’t think so. It wasn’t surprising that the city made this settlement,” a female juror said. “I think they made their position clear when they decided to defund the police or take actions or steps towards that.”

“It hasn’t affected me at all because I don’t know the details,” a black male juror said. “I’m not a lawyer so obviously I don’t know what went into making that decision.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the Chauvin case is quickly becoming a circus as far-left radicals use thuggery to influence the justice system:

BLM/ANTIFA protestors closed several city blocks in downtown Minneapolis on Monday, establishing a presence as trial proceedings for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin began.

More than $1 million has been spent to erect fencing and security barriers on the part of the city of Minneapolis, which expects a new wave of left-wing rioting and destruction in the event that Chauvin is acquitted of killing George Floyd.

The protest occurred as legal authorities began jury selection in the trial of Chauvin, with potential jurors likely confronted with the protestors as they arrived at the Hennepin County Government Center. Jury selection was ultimately postponed for a day, with a judge waiting for the state court of appeals to determine if Chauvin should face charges of third-degree murder as opposed to second.

It’s expected that Chauvin’s legal defense team will point to evidence suggesting that Floyd died as the result of a fentanyl overdose, as opposed to Chauvin’s chokehold on the previously convicted violent felon. Chauvin’s lawyer will also cite training materials used by the Minneapolis Police Department that instructed officers to use knee chokeholds similar to that used by Chauvin.

Longtime residents of Minneapolis have pointed to the city as “unrecognizable” following months of riots and a spike in crime, having lost the high-trust and communitarian spirit the Minnesota city was once known for.”

If Chauvin is found not guilty, Minneapolis will burn once more. This is a fitting legacy for deceased violent felon George Floyd, who has risen to the levels of sainthood since overdosing on fentanyl in police custody.

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