VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Attacked By Antifa Gang, Police do Nothing

UPDATE – 4chan is Tracking Down Robinson’s Antifa Attackers: Read Now

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defense League and current journalist for The Rebel was violently attacked in London just a day after being assaulted in a Muslim “no-go” zone that leftists claim doesn’t exist. The attack began in a parking lot, and ended in front of McDonalds. The masked attackers went after Robinson and his two cameramen.

After leaving the English Defense League in 2013, Robinson has continued his fight against Muslim extremism in Europe. One of the ways he has done that is through exposing areas across Europe that are controlled by Muslims, and are known to be hostile to anyone in the area who doesn’t share their ideology.

During this attack, nearby Police didn’t act, and after the attack Robinson was told they would not investigate because the aggressors were wearing masks, and therefore couldn’t be identified.

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