VA Classifies Fentanyl As “Weapon Of Terrorism”

Some good news: Virginia has officially classified fentanyl as a “weapon of terrorism.”

According to Fairfax County local news FFX Now: “Fentanyl overdoses have increasingly become a major concern, particularly among young adults.”

To impose harsher penalties on the drug’s manufacturing and distribution, SB 1188 and identical bill HB 1682 reclassify fentanyl as a “weapon of terrorism,” making those acts Class 4 felonies that could carry up to 10 years of jail time.

Notably, this reclassification is just one of a number of new Virginia laws that took effect over the weekend. Thus showing us that states with Republican leadership are more capable of handling the real issues hurting Americans than Democrats are.

As many Americans have already become privy to, overdose deaths generally are surging in the US. With fentanyl deaths, specifically, hitting a whopping 26% jump from 2020 to 2021.

Fentanyl alone has gotten so out of control that 2024 GOP Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is already saying he will have new “rules of engagement” for Mexican drug cartels if he ends up in the White House.

Other GOP contenders are saying the same thing, because fentanyl is a bigger issue than most people think. And it’s definitely a bigger issue than how the mainstream media is covering it.

More from FFX Now:

The new law is similar to ones in other states, though critics say the law doesn’t take into account context or circumstances, and increasing penalties could make people less likely to call authorities when someone they are with overdoses.

The left has its own way of addressing the overdose crisis. And it’s a miserable failure.

Washington State, for example, has seen nearly 3,000 overdoses in the past year alone thanks to its pathetic approach towards decriminalizing drugs.

Per the CDC, Washington state has seen drug overdoses soar a near 22% over the last 12-month period ending January 31. And Maine came in second place with 716 overdose deaths.

Big League Politics has reported on this phenomenon in the past, where liberal states like Oregon are seeing “record-high overdoses” due to the decriminalization of hard drugs post-2020.

The Portland Police Bureau, in another example, has warned about the spike in fentanyl incidents. Warning families to stay on high alert because the drug often looks like candy.

The Bureau has urged users to “immediately take extra steps to prevent children from accessing fentanyl or other controlled substances.”

The mainstream media likes to turn a blind eye to the chaos and madness; pretending nothing substantial is really happening. But American’s know the real story, especially with the rise of overdoses from cartel products.

It’s good to see Virginia taking a step in the right direction. Maybe other states like Washington will soon follow suit – especially as tides turn on liberal soft-on-drug policies. 

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