Warren Has Total Meltdown Over Roe V. Wade: “I’m angry and upset and determined.”

Failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was fired up and outraged yesterday over the leaked SCOTUS draft that was first made known on Monday – watch:

Warren can be seen in the video above looking about ready to explode.

“I am angry,” she told the reporter behind the camera. “I’m angry and upset and determined.”

“The United States Congress can keep Roe v. Wade the law of the land. They just need to do it,” she continued.

Warren later went on to blame Republicans for “plotting” this day for “decades.”

She then claimed that “69 percent of people across this country, red states and blue states, old people and young people, want Roe v. Wade to maintain the law of the land.”

The Senator, of course, was not alone in her anger and calls for activism on Tuesday, as Democratic talking heads from across the nation seemingly stood in unison with one another to denounce the SCOTUS draft while parroting the phrase “we will not go back” to their followers.

It’s important to note that there was hardly any mention of the leak itself, even from the president. While Chief Justice Roberts slammed this unprecedented move as a “betrayal of the confidences of the Court,” Biden used his platform to denounce the vote instead.

Now, Democrats are only enhancing their rhetoric – which should be expected. Hoping to fuel up their base yet again less than 200 days before midterms.

As Big League Politics reported just a few days ago, prominent leaders on the left view this amped up outrage as the party’s last-ditch attempt to salvage the House and the Senate come November.

Unsurprisingly, protests have already begun, starting just a couple of hours after the draft was made public on Monday night. They are expected to continue well into the coming months.

We should anticipate Democrats driving this narrative as far as they can, in hopes of creating enough emotion surrounding the strike down of Roe to drive more voters to the polls in just a couple of months.

Already, well-known Democratic candidates are claiming this is a “war on women.” With others calling it an “attack” and an “assault on the Constitution.”

A clear tactic by Democrats to spark fear and anger in its party, and amongst moderates above all else.

As more time goes by and revelations come out about potential abuses of leaks of confidential documents, we should expect Democrats to double down on their tactics as well as shift their narrative once again if needed.

After it all, dirty tricks seem to be all they have left.

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