WATCH: Biden Had Creepy Moment With Hillary, Hugged Her For 20 Seconds As She Squirmed

Biden Hugs Hillary Clinton Too Long

As former Vice President Joe Biden continues to be rocked by his hair sniffing scandal, as well as his plagiarism and college scandals from the 1980s, a video of Biden with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is resurfacing.

While greeting Clinton on an airport tarmac, Biden embraced her in a hug for nearly 20 seconds. Long after Clinton let go of Biden, patting him on the shoulder to signify she is done with the hug, Biden continued to hold Clinton uncomfortably, keeping his hands on her upper back.

As Biden is significantly taller than Clinton, she appeared uncomfortable as she struggled to make eye contact with him.

Finally, after the 20 second hug, Biden released Clinton, and put his hand on her back as they walked away from the airplane.

CNN noted the bizarre interaction in 2016, though seemed to make light of it, and consider it a humorous moment shared between two former residents of the White House. As several women come forward to accuse Biden of making them feel uncomfortable with his touching, it casts the interaction in a new light.

At least five women have now accused Biden of making them feel uncomfortable with his touching, hugging, groping, and sniffing in the last two weeks. One of the incidents occurred at a sexual assault seminar, another when a female Democrat was running for office. Most occurred in public locations.

As if this were not enough, Biden’s 1980s scandals have begun to resurface as well.

In September of 1987, as Biden was running to be the Democrat nominee who would run against Republican President George H.W. Bush, Biden was accused of plagiarizing the political advertisement of a failed British politician during his closing statement at a debate. He eventually was forced to admit the plagiarism after the New York Times and other media began asking his campaign for comment.

Also in September of 1987, Biden was exposed for lying about his college record. He claimed he graduated in the top half of his class, that he graduated with three degrees, and that he received a full scholarship and multiple awards while attending law school. All of this was proven to be factually incorrect, and Biden, then 45 years old, blamed his faulty memory.

It appears there are no shortage of scandals ready to plague the potential Democrat presidential candidate.

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