WATCH: Capital Hill Autonomous Zone “Warlord” Shuts Down Concerns Over His Private Security

The soundcloud rapper who has increasingly established himself as the “warlord” of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone shut down a leftist’s concerns over the quality of his “private security” in a video that emerged Sunday, calmly rejecting a young woman’s claim that his leadership “wasn’t working.”

Video of the interaction suggests the exchange took place at a CHAZ community meeting of sorts, where residents of the anarchist commune have the nominal right to raise their concerns over the governance of the community. Raz Simone, the “warlord” overseeing the territory, dismissed the lady’s concerns, telling her that her concerns over his governance were “just your perspective.” The woman had claimed the operations of Raz’s team of armed subordinates were “so f****** stressful.”

Footage from the self-declared anarchist territory shows Simone handing out guns to individuals who he doesn’t seem to know, declaring that the CHAZ needs “more people who know how to use firearms.”

Delusional leftists who thought that they’d have any chance of influencing the governance of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in a peaceful or communitarian fashion appear to have been misled, as Simone doesn’t appear amenable to criticisms of his private security enforcing his will throughout the territory.

Sadly, the anarchists and ANTIFA militants will continue to be babied by the Seattle police department. More footage from the territory shows the local police humbly requesting that anarchist operatives allow them to reenter their own occupied police precinct.


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