WEAK EXCUSE: Joe Biden Says DOJ Investigation into Hunter Biden is “Kind of Foul Play”

Joe Biden played the victim card in response to a question about the ongoing Department of Justice investigation into Hunter Biden on Thursday, claiming the investigation represented “foul play.”

Biden made the remarks in a softball interview with late night talk show host Stephen Colbert.

The Biden campaign released a press release admitting to the inquiry last, which covers the younger Biden’s tax compliance, corrupt foreign business dealings,  and potential money laundering. The Biden campaign press release conveniently ignored the probe’s investigation of the latter two subjects of interest, instead claiming it was only about taxes. A confidential source within the Department of Justice revealed it included them the next day.

State Department emails reveal that the senior Biden was briefed on the corruption of Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky, in 2015, even as his son continued his lucrative and crony employment with the Ukrainian oil company. Biden was provided talking points to dismiss his son’s connection with the suspicious company, even as he was made aware of a joint UK-US criminal inquiry into Zlochevsky’s offshore money laundering and looting of state-controlled assets.

Biden doesn’t like answering questions about Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business dealings, and snapped back at a question inquiring when he learned about the DOJ investigation into Hunter at a press conference on Monday. It’s been speculated that both Bidens knew of the criminal investigation well before the 2020 election, and decline to disclose it, even after the release of content from Hunter’s infamous laptop.

As the mainstream media hones in on “journalism” regarding dogs, ice cream, and Pete Buttigieg’s love of trains, it appears as if serious coverage of Biden family corruption and Hunter’s suspicious business dealings in Ukraine and China will be left to alternative media.

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