ANTIFA Terrorist Threatens Andy Ngo with Cannibalism: ‘I Am Going to Chop the Dude’s Skull Up’

Journalist Andy Ngo of The Post Millennial was infamously battered by a concrete milkshake last year, and now an ANTIFA terrorist wants to finish the job.

Ngo recently received a death threat from Luis Marquez, an ANTIFA leader who hosts the Jungle to Jungle podcast. In an unhinged rant, Marquez threatened “to be a cannibal” while committing a gruesome murder of Ngo.

“I am going to be a cannibal, dude. I am going to chop the dude’s skull up and use it as a teacup.” he said. “I am going to feed people the body of Andy.”

Because of his reporting on the terrorist activities of ANTIFA, Ngo is frequently targeted with violent threats from deranged left-wing agitators.

Left-wing terrorists have even stormed Ngo’s home to send a message that Ngo is not safe anywhere from the mob:

Journalist Andy Ngo is one of ANTIFA’s highest profile victims, having been beaten by a mob over the summer in Portland, OR with a concrete-filled milkshake bouncing off the side of his head. He suffered serious brain damage from the attack.

The far-left terror group is not done threatening Ngo, and they showed their sinister during a demonstration on Halloween night. A group of six ANTIFA extremists surrounded the reporter’s home on Oct. 31 wearing masks depicting Ngo in a scene that looked like something out of a horror movie.

“This is the latest addition to a long list of ANTIFA-related individuals doxing, threatening, and promising to hurt or kill me or my family,” Ngo said to The Post Millennial following the incident. He said that the encounter lasted several minutes, and the leftists fled before police arrived on the scene…

The fake news has even falsely painted Ngo as a perpetrator of terrorism because he was caught smiling in the vicinity of Patriot Prayer, a group whose members have been jailed for being willing to stand up against ANTIFA terrorists.

“To go from being a victim of multiple assaults to suddenly accused of being the violent aggressor or complicit in the acts of others, is the type of gaslighting I am used to by now,” Ngo wrote.

“The ‘damning’ video purporting to show me conspiring in a violent attack, which shows nothing of the sort, is just the latest in a string of lies designed to intimidate me into silence since the brain injury I sustained in June failed to silence me,” Ngo added.

Ngo is a marked man paying the cost for doing actual journalism with left-wing terror mobs on the prowl and captive local authorities unwilling to bring them to justice. Until ANTIFA is designated a terrorist group at the federal level, Ngo will continue to live in a constant state of danger.


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