CNN WONDERS: ‘How Black Will the Royal Baby Be?’

A left-wing conspiracy theory news site wondered aloud Tuesday how “black” the royal British baby will be.

“How black will the royal baby be?” read a subsection of a CNN opinion piece.

“Here’s why we should be cautious,” the piece said. “The royal baby watch has already resurrected some of the most dangerous stereotypes about race. And in many cases, the commentators who are reinforcing these stereotypes are totally unaware of the damage.”

The tone of the CNN piece was a warning to simpletons like you and I – just because the first mixed race royal baby now lives, does not mean the West has made progress in the way of anti-racism. In fact, the West is still very much a racist place, if you believe CNN.

“We can’t ‘procreate’ our way to racial equality,” the piece said. “Plenty of people who study race say the same. They are wary about the meaning that could be attached to the newest member of the royal family.”

Of course, the piece included a quote from an editor of The Root, a black supremacy site.

“I think the birth of their child will offer a symbol of hope, but will obscure the real work that has to be done to get true access and equality for black people throughout the US and UK,” Nsenga Burton, the site’s editor-at-large said.

A few months ago, CNN hilariously wondered if February had been the worst Black History Month ever.

Big League Politics reported:

Thursday night, CNN had a hilarious panel during which the propaganda arm of the Democratic National Convention wondered: was February the worst Black History Month ever?

“We have blackface, we have the ‘N’ word, and calls for the return of the KKK,” Don Lemon said stoically on “New Day.”

“Yes. All that happened just this month,” he said.

Lemon launched into a tirade about how racism is alive and well all over America. But he forgot to mention which side of the political aisle ruined Black History. Strange that Lemon decided to be non-partisan in this moment.

Of course, Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam was exposed by Big League Politics as a racist who wore blackface or a KKK robe for a photo that appeared in his medical school yearbook. Shortly thereafter, Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring, also a Democrat, admitted to wearing blackface too.

Northam’s wife Pam rounded out the month by handing balls of cotton to black school children visiting the state house and asked them to imagine being enslaved.

The political left was nearly redeemed after alleged white nationalists yelling “this is MAGA country” attacked black actor Jussie Smollett, a Democrat and liberal activist. Unfortunately for them, Smollett planned and carried out a hate crime hoax against himself. He was arrested for a felony. The scandal lasted for a period of weeks and spanned nearly the entire month.

Finally, Maryland House Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti, a Democrat, reportedly referred to an area in which her colleague was canvassing as “n***** county.”

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