Dan Crenshaw’s Youth Summit Features Never Trumpers, Climate Change Activists, Coffee Company That Betrayed Kyle Rittenhouse

Rep. Dan “McCain 2.0” Crenshaw’s upcoming youth summit in Houston, Tex. is a haven for anti-Trump voices, liberal Republicans, and the founders of the coffee company that regularly spits on patriots while shamelessly grifting them out of their cash.

Crenshaw’s event, which is set to take place on Sept. 12, features ‘Never Trump’ leader Ben Shapiro, Fox News washout Megyn Kelly, plagiarist Benny Johnson, youth climate change activist Benji Backer, and Matt Best, Evan Hafer and Jarred Taylor of Black Rifle Coffee, the company that turned their backs on patriot Kyle Rittenhouse.

It should come as no surprise that Crenshaw’s youth summit is a RINO festival considering his history of promoting neoconservatism in the Republican Party. He wants to undo the America First legacy of President Trump and take the GOP back to the Bush-era of globalist hegemony.

Big League Politics has reported on how Crenshaw is a denier of of election fraud, hailing President Joe Biden as the rightful leader of America:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) recently told a group of Republicans “don’t kid yourself” into believing the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, even though the vote was stopped simultaneously in key battleground states on election night and then suspicious ballots were produced at the dead of night and processed illegally.

Crenshaw, who publicly hated Trump before he was elected and only started masquerading as a Trump supporter to help his political ambitions, made these arrogant comments at a GOP fundraiser in Illinois.

“There’s certain states with problems, but don’t kid yourself into believing that’s why we lost, it’s not. It’s not,” he said.

Crenshaw’s contemptuous remarks caused Illinois U.S. senate candidate Bobby Fiton, who was also in attendance, to correct the record.

“It is disgusting to hear denials from a sitting do-nothing and intellectually dishonest Congressman in our House of Representatives,” Piton wrote in a Facebook post. “Crenshaw has done nothing but shill for the Democrats and refuse to even see or hear the evidence of fraud.”

Crenshaw may be the most insidious RINO in all of Congress. He must become a pariah on the pro-Trump America First right-wing moving forward.

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