Embarrassing: Secret Service Reportedly DESTROYS White House Bag Of Cocaine, Ending Investigation

Who brought the mystery bag of cocaine into the White House?

The internet has its well-warranted suspicions, but unfortunately, we will never “know” because the Secret Service has reportedly destroyed the evidence.

Per Newsmax:

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Newsmax on Monday the Secret Service “destroyed” the bag containing cocaine at the White House and does not have enough DNA evidence to identify who may have left it there.

“[The Secret Service] don’t even have the key from the locker [where the cocaine was found] and they said originally ‘we didn’t find enough DNA, now, and they went back and said, ‘we didn’t find any DNA,'” Burchett said during “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Monday, discussing a briefing on the controversial drug find and resulting probe. “Apparently, they destroyed the bag and any chance of getting any DNA.”

How convenient…

Who could possibly be the cocaine culprit

For a moment, just imagine the media coverage if a bag of cocaine was found in Donald Trump’s White House. 

There would be 24/7 headlines about how dysfunctional the Trump family is, and you can be certain the media would be casting blame onto Don Jr. in a heartbeat.

This isn’t another conservative exercise of whataboutism, however, but instead, just another prime example of how incredibly backwards America’s coverage is when it comes to Republicans and Democrats.

For example, how is the White House allowed to get away with its unwillingness to NOT investigate something as serious and risk-concerning as this story?

“Could you just tell us how the White House is assisting the Secret Service in this investigation?” a reporter asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre two weeks ago

“Have you made any White House officials available for interviews with law enforcement, for example?” the reporter added.

“Look, we’re not assisting in anything,” she responded. 

“This is under the Secret Service purview, this is their — their kind of — guidance and guidelines — their, uh, their world — and so, we’re going to let them do their job. Uh, we are not involved in this, this is something that the Secret Service, uh, handles under their protocol, and they’re going to, uh, investigate and get to the bottom of what happened this weekend,” she added.

“And we appreciate that,” she concluded.

Conservative talk radio host and former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino had this to say about the Secret Service’s approach to the White House cocaine saga:

“So there’s probably less than 200 people who could have left this cocaine, by the way, in a bag which is plastic, which is non-porous, meaning it’s probably not that hard to pull a latent print. They’ve got to know who did it,” Bongino told Daily Signal reporter Mary Margaret Olohan.


“The question is who’s pressuring them to not find out who did it? And it’s gotta be coming from this White House.”

“This is terrible. Don’t destroy this agency like they did the FBI. It’s really unbecoming,” Bongino further urged.

“A lot of my former colleagues in the Secret Service who retired, they are absolutely furious about this.”

“I got 50 emails, communications, texts from people. ‘This is embarrassing, humiliating.’ These are good guys, man, guys who worked for Obama and Bush, non-partisan guys, most of them aren’t even political. This is embarrassing, they know exactly who it was,” Bongino continued.

“The question is, is it Hunter or one of his friends?” 

“Here’s the thing. So, I’m in the Secret Service for 12 years, a good amount of times. We never had this problem. So nobody, by Occam’s razor, right, the process of deduction, keep things simple, keep it simple stupid, Occam’s razor. You’ve got this guy, we never found coke in there before. You’ve got a dude who’s doing coke on tape, who’s got a reputation for being a coke addict. He’s living in the White House. He’s there on Friday. The coke’s found there on Sunday, and everybody is like, ‘Gosh, who could it be.’”

The message from this botched “investigation” is clear as day: move on Americans, nothing to see here. 

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