Fox News Sides With Ilhan Omar, Infers Trump’s Tweet is ‘Inciting Violence’ with ‘Horrible Images’

The rise of President Donald Trump has caused Fox News to lean to the left as Trump moves the Republican Party away from subservience to corporate globalism toward an ‘America First’ doctrine.

Neocon propaganda merchant Chris Wallace’s recent attack on President Trump is evidence of this shift. During an episode of ‘FOX News Sunday,’ he grilled press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about her boss being “comfortable” to tweet out such “horrible images like that.”

The network even refused to show the full video, as they were too scared to show anything beyond the first five seconds of Trump’s following tweet:

“Now, that was the only five seconds we felt comfortable showing,” Wallace said to Sanders. “It goes on in a much worse way of her seeming, no question about it, to minimize 9/11 and then horrible images from 9/11.”

“Why is the president comfortable putting out horrible images like that?” Wallace asked Sanders. “Does he worry at all about inciting violence against Muslims in general or Ilhan Omar in specific?”

As usual, Sanders stood strong in the face of disingenuous attacks from the fake news.

“Certainly nothing could be further from the truth,” Sanders responded. “The president is not trying to incite violence against anybody.”

Wallace is circulating the globalist talking point that Trump is inciting violence by drawing attention to the words of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has ruffled feathers with her constant incendiary rhetoric about Jews and the state of Israel.

This is no coincidence, as Fox News has stood in the way of President Trump’s ‘America First’ policies whenever possible. Their betrayals have become increasingly obvious in recent months.

Fox News recently allowed a feminist who serves on the board of the United Nations’ refugee program to argue for mass third-world immigration on their platform.

They have banned pro-gun patriots like former sheriff David Clarke from their network believing their constitutional viewpoints are too extreme for public consumption.

They hired Donna Brazile and grovel to her on their programs despite the fact that she tried to rig the presidential debates in Hillary Clinton’s favor heading into the 2016 election.

They castigated and suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro for telling the plain truth about radical Islam and holding Rep. Omar accountable for her anti-American beliefs.

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear where Fox News stands, they are even giving Bernie Sanders a town hall on their network to advertise his radical socialist beliefs.

The writing on the wall could not be more obvious. Fox News is no better than CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or any other corporate fake news outlet working to sabotage President Trump and his ‘America First’ mandate.

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