Michelle Malkin Floats the Idea of Running for Office on Twitter

Will Michelle Malkin run for higher office?

The conservative commentator has sparked speculation about a potential run for Senate after news of the controversial release of an illegal alien in Arapahoe county generated national attention.

The illegal alien in question, Osmani Garces-Ortiz, was charged with an attempted murder after he was released from jail.

Malkin responded in a comment tweet to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, where she stated “I have always said I never wanted to run for office. Continued abominations like this have the effect of persuading me otherwise…”


Malkin has been one of the most fervent proponents of an America First immigration policy.

Unlike movement conservatives, she is willing to defend members of the Dissident Right and ask tough questions about the demographic changes immigration causes.

Immigration is the most important issue heading into the 2020 elections, given its potential of disrupting the basic fundamentals of nation states.

For that reason, GOP voters have placed it as their #1 priority heading into 2020.

Having Malkin in Congress would give America First advocates a strong champion who will stand up to globalist interests and defend national sovereignty.

All in all, Malkin would be a solid addition to the U.S. Congress.