Twitter PERMANTLY BANS James Lindsay, YouTube NUKES 6 Videos From Drew Hernandez For ‘Hateful Conduct’ And ‘Anti-LGBT’ Rhetoric

TWITTER’S BANNING SPREE CONTINUES – Author and mathematician James Lindsay was just recently suspended from the platform for using the word “groomer,” and he has now been permanently banned for “hateful conduct.”

@ConceptualJames was reportedly suspended for – according to Twitter – promoting “violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

In a response to Slate journalist Alejandra Carabello, Lindsay’s final straw tweet read “Ok, child sexualization specialist.”

Big League Politics has been documenting the Orwellian banning spree from Twitter over the past month. And has reported that the platform has made a firm stance in equating any mention of the word groomer to “anti-LGBT” rhetoric.

YouTuber Tim Pool was another recent victim of the platform’s big brother governance stance, after he was suspended for stating the now obvious: “Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia.”

The account “Moms for Liberty” was also suspended for speaking out against the medical gender transition of children. And Gays Against Groomers, an account that describes itself as “a coalition of gays against the sexualization and indoctrination of children,” was one of the latest – and perhaps most controversial victims – of the platform’s activist-fueled banning spree.

YouTube is also joining in on the fight against this alleged anti-LGBT rhetoric, as the platform has just removed Drew Hernandez’s anti-grooming videos for “hate speech.”

“Most videos exposed the grooming of children at pride rallies, kids at drag gay bars watching drag queens twerk as children throw money at them, woke teachers making claims on social media they will hide students’ gender identities from parents, etc,” Hernandez told The Post Millennial.

“The goal of the videos is to expose an agenda clearly targeting the innocence of children and to hold this community accountable,” he added.

Leftwing watchdog Media Matters notably put out a hit-piece against Hernandez earlier this year, where they accused the Turning Point USA contributor and FRONTLINES host of homophobia.

Their claims, however, and as various conservative voices would quickly point out, focused heavily on the reporting from Hernandez that highlighted the sexually-charged events being pushed on minors. Much like the content Libs of Tik Tok shares daily.

In other words, Hernandez was censored for documenting reality.

“Hernandez repeatedly pushed the narrative that queer people are ‘grooming’ kids both in schools and during Pride Month events. Hernandez also referred to LGBTQ people as ‘mentally ill,’ seemingly violating YouTube’s hate speech policy which does not allow claims ‘that individuals or groups are physically or mentally inferior’ based on their sexual identity, and called for parents who bring their kids to Pride events to be arrested,” the piece read.

Like Big League Politics has said in the past, banning the g-word was only the beginning. Now, big tech is aiming higher to censor conservatives for simply reporting on the sexual LGBT activities they are publicly involving children in.

These hyper-sexualized people can do what they want, while others like Hernandez and Lindsey are not allowed to talk about it. Twitter and YouTube have made that very clear.

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