Eric Holder Confronted About Mob Violence, Goes Ballistic At Conservative Reporter

Conservative journalist Jacob Engels confronted former Attorney General Eric Holder while speaking at an event with Democrat Florida Governor candidate Andrew Gillum.

As a part of his “F*** Political Correctness Truth Tour,” which Big League Politics has covered extensively, Engels confronted Holder about recent statements he made seeming to encourage violence against conservatives. “When they [Republicans] go low, we kick them,” Holder said.

When confronted, Holder got angry and began yelling back at Engels, as supporters of Gillum used noisemakers to try to drown out the opposition.


The video then shows a clip from another stop in Engel’s “Truth Tour” where supporters of Gillum appear to take the words from Holder as a call to action, and attack him and his cameraman Tyler Whyte. He also shows footage of Jewish conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer being removed from a Synagogue at the behest of Gillum’s campaign.

Big League Politics will continue to track Engels, and his “Truth Tour” as it works its way across Florida.

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