FRAUD ALERT: Libertarians, Feminists and Never Trumpers Launch ‘Based Politics’ to Co-Opt Populism

Libertarians, feminists and Never Trumpers are launching a site called “Based Politics” in a brazen attempt to co-opt the rising populist movement that they have opposed for years.

Feminist Koch operative Hannah Cox, homosexual libertine Brad Polumbo, and disgraced former confederate revivalist Jack Hunter are combining on this project that is falsely claiming to be on the cutting edge of national populism. 

“We’re launching BASEDPolitics to offer a home to the millions of Americans, especially young Americans, who’ve lost any last shred of faith in both parties’ establishments and their mainstream media shills. Many feel politically homeless, silenced, and unable to become reliably informed on the issues that impact them the most. As journalists, commentators, and political activists, we have all felt this too—and we’ve been more fortunate than most,” they wrote in the announcement of their new blog.

“Put simply, there are few places for young people who want radically independent, principled, and next-generation political content to go. But we know there is a market for such content,” they added.

While there may be a niche for a site that offers “radically independent, principled, and next-generation political content,” Cox, Polumbo and Hunter are not the individuals equipped to be able to offer this sort of message.

Big League Politics has reported extensively on Polumbo’s history of opposing the 2nd Amendment, standing against Christian values, attempting to cancel nationalist voices within the Right, and supporting RINO Nancy Mace in her attempts to expand government in order to support the LGBT agenda. 

Much has also been made of Polumbo’s penchant for following young boys on Instagram, which critics have alleged as being a grooming operation of sorts:

Polumbo’s record is far from based, but his colleague Jack Hunter has a record that is even more pathetic if that can be believed.

After Hunter gained notoriety in fringe politics as the “Southern Avenger,” wearing a confederate-themed pro wrestling mask at parties and aligning with alt-right founder Richard Spencer, he flagellated himself in the most humiliating of ways in an attempt to endear himself to the mainstream.

The apex of Hunter’s “cuckening,” as commentator Milo Yiannopoulos put it, came with the release of this groveling video through his now-defunct blog, Rare Politics:

As the Trump revolution began, Hunter wrote hit pieces against the rise of national populism in the Daily Beast.

“This election has taught me about personality types more than anything else. Too many are just attracted to extreme things. Some who used to bash me for not being libertarian election – they said I was too “conservative” – are now upset I’m not a “nationalist” or racist. I’m not either of those things precisely because I’m a libertarian. 2016 can’t be over soon enough. Cleansing period,” Hunter wrote in a Sept. 2016 Facebook post.

Hunter would refuse to vote for Donald Trump in either the 2016 or the 2020 presidential election, choosing instead to support the Libertarian Party presidential candidates. Now, he is attempting to steal the branding of authentic Trump supporters in a shameless attempt to reinvigorate his moribund career in punditry.

The third amigo in Based Politics is Hannah Cox, a doctrinaire Koch operative whose ideology is a mixture of feminist claptrap and surface-level libertarianism. As a writer for the Washington Examiner, she has defended the right of Big Tech to censor dissidents repeatedly, opposing a Trump lawsuit to bring accountability to the monolithic tech giants.

“Private companies have a right to censorship; anything less would be a violation of the business owners’ First Amendment rights,” she opined.

She also supported the Libertarian Party and refused to vote for President Trump, encouraging others to do so in an op/ed for The Tennessean

“Immigrants are a vibrant and cherished part of our nation’s fabric, and no one knows this better than a former governor of a border state. A wall is a senseless waste of money, and the cost of deporting millions of people, both financially and to our civil rights, is an asinine expenditure. Instead, we should focus on creating a more efficient and simple system for legally entering our country,” Cox wrote in 2016, opposing President Trump’s signature immigration policies.

Cox also criticized Trump for going too hard on violent felons, supporting policies that are now being realized to the immense detriment of the American people.

“It seems Trump is stuck in the 1980’s when people genuinely believed “tough on crime” policies… resulted in safer communities and less violence,” she wrote in a Newsmax op/ed, arguing in opposition to the death penalty.

Cox also promotes feminism regularly through her writings, claiming that “libertarians are the OG feminists.” She has also equivocated in the issue of abortion, refusing to advocate for their abolition despite claiming to be pro-life.

Cox works as the Content Manager and Brand Ambassador for the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). FEE is an economics thinktank backed by the Koch Network, which has aggressively opposed President Trump’s agenda on trade and immigration. Koch-backed entities undermined Trump’s strong border policies throughout his presidency, supported Democrat politicians throughout the 2020 election cycle, and now oppose the ban of the vehemently racist, anti-American hate curriculum known as critical race theory in public schools.

While there may be a growing appetite for “based” political blogs, these are not the individuals who qualify to attempt such an endeavor. This project started by feminists, libertarians and Never Trumpers is an astroturfed attempt to co-opt an authentic populist movement in order to limit its effectiveness.

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