Laura Loomer To Speak At The American Priority Conference In Miami

Despite being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and dozens of other big tech platforms, conservative firebrand, and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer will speak at the upcoming American Priority Conference in Miami, Florida.

At only 26 years old, the highly accomplished activist will speak alongside such A-list speakers like Donald Trump Jr., Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Rep. Matt Gaetz. She will be speaking about free speech, along with having a panel at the conference occurring on October 10-12th at the Trump Doral resort in Miami.

Loomer, who is a contributor at Big League Politics, recently announced her run for Congress in Florida’s 21st District, where she already has big-name endorsements, including from Republicans in Congress. If Loomer makes her way into Congress, she will become the most vocal proponent of laws to reign in Orwellian big tech monopolies.

BLP has previously covered the American Priority Conference, which could likely overtake the more swampy Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as the go-to event for America first conservatives. Because of the high concentration of pro-Trump Americans, it has already begun facing its own fake news attacks.

Anti-gun teenager David Hogg even went so far as to call the conference “white supremacist” to his 1 million followers, in a laughable attack. There have also been vicious media attacks on the event’s venue, which the founder of American Priority, Alex Phillips, dispelled exclusively to BLP. On top of all this, the pro-Trump Deplorable Choir were hit by iTunes with an “explicit” label on a song they wrote for the conference.

The amount of opposition from anti-American figures and companies is only energizing the staff at American Priority, who continue to secure must-see speakers in their star-studded event.

With Loomer being announced, they are also offering $150 off tickets with the code “Loomer.” Tickets to his huge event can be purchased at


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