A Nation on the Eve of Destruction…

There may be just more day remaining until the façade of civil society crumbles in the former land of the free. What is likely to come – barring the unlikely instance of a Trump landslide victory that cannot be reasonably questioned or disputed – will make the events of the past year pale in comparison.

They have already pumped the country full of irresponsible hysteria, devastated the economy, destroyed millions of lives, gave thugs the green light to rape and pillage cities, and then, when people predictably and understandably become enraged in response at these devious and planned measures, those individuals are the ones who every powerful figure and entity will come out and condemn, echoing ADL and SPLC propaganda that white people are the real threat, and supporting a Draconian response against the individuals who have already been crushed by tyranny.

This is the definition of systemic oppression, and it is not happening to minorities. It is happening to the majority that has been marked for replacement by the ruling class. An entire billion-dollar industry has been constructed, to allow racism to pass as scholarship, that venerates fiction over fast, simply because it can be used to demonize whites. This is the basis of white fragility, the 1619 Project, critical race theory, and many other establishment-backed blood libels against white people. This is what has captured the institutions while decent Americans were sleeping.

The Democrats and allies in academia, the fake news media, Big Tech, etc. simultaneously argue that President Trump is a fascist dictator but complain he has not taken enough authoritarian and repressive measures to lockdown society under virus hysteria. They argue to disband the police and take their funding away, but cheer when law enforcement arrests a citizen for violating social distancing mandates or not wearing a mask. They claim President Trump is conducting an assault on the free press, but cheer when the free press is censored by the most powerful corporations in the world because accurate reporting may hurt their political agenda. They – despite hundreds of videos showing diverse mobs looting, burning, assaulting and committing random mayhem – contend that it is really white nationalists who are behind the nationwide orgy of destruction being done in the name of black lives. They say that white nationalists are responsible because their social media posts are violence, while anti-white terrorism in the streets is speech.

They said that there was no way the 2016 vote could be illegitimate, before flipping the script completely less than 24 hours after President Trump won because the result did not go their way, and then creating a Russian collusion conspiracy out of whole cloth. They made up the story that our electoral system is so vulnerable that a handful of Russian social media posts could swing an election. In the next breath, they have argued that widespread mail-in voting could not have any possible concerns – despite the notorious inefficiency of the postal service, the countless instances of discarded ballots or other types of fraud that have already been discovered, and the fact that ballots will be accepted in battleground states AFTER Tuesday. They now openly pine for an international takeover of the U.S. if Trump wins despite having recently complained about foreign interference incessantly for years.

They “fight the power” by supporting an agenda pushed by the most powerful corporations and politicians in the world. They push lockdown policies that have resulted in the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle classes to the super rich in history, while simultaneously bemoaning income inequality and blaming the effects of policies they support on free market capitalism. They used to act like they opposed war and civil liberties violations by military bureaucrats and intelligence bureaucrats, but now they cheer on the deep state to violate the rights of their opponents and support endless war to provoke Russia. There is no principle that they would not surrender on their quest for absolute power, and acclaimed liberal journalists are beginning to admit that the Left is hell bent on achieving a Soviet-style regime in the U.S. They are enforcing it already without even controlling the presidency, using terror to enforce blind conformity.

The hypocrisy is reaching gargantuan levels, so much so, that our brains are ill-equipped to process what is exactly taking place. These globalist forces want to trap you in a labyrinth of inherently contradictory propaganda designed to leave you feeling bewildered and debilitated, and unable to coherently explain what is happening to your fellow citizen. It is like this with regards to COVID-19, the explicitly anti-white BLM/ANTIFA uprising, the Russian collusion hoax, the Hunter Biden email leaks, and virtually every issue these days. It is not by coincidence. This is mental conditioning for the next phase of the technocratic program. Call it whatever you want – the Great Reset, the New World Order, the One-World Government, the Scientific Dictatorship of the Elite – but they will accept nothing less than your soul as tribute to the new Beast Regime that is at hand.

Too many conservative and libertarian Americans are unfortunately clinging to an illusory civil society because they cannot come to terms with the reality of what has happened to their formerly great nation. It is time for some serious introspection about what is next. Have Americans made their possessions and creature comforts into false idols? Are Americans that addicted to the debt-fueled convenience of modern life that they would sacrifice their dignity, virtue, and sacred honor to keep the party going just a little while longer? Win or lose on Tuesday, Americans must stand and fight against the human vermin who would have their children subjugated in the land conquered by their valiant ancestors. The remnant must be ready, willing and able to make the sacrifices the founding fathers made in order to truly make America great again.

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